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Bulat Group was established in 1992 . Since then the company has come a long way from a small trading company to a group of companies, which field of interests includes all kinds of activities from manufacturing to trading of a wide product range.

Consumables for reproducing equipment and computer peripherals were chosen to be Bulat Group’s core business activity at the beginning. In the 1990’s Bulat Group distributed printing machines and printing consumables for world-famous manufactures, along with providing a broad range of after-sales services and support. Bulat Group played a key role in the establishment of the consumables aftermarket in Eastern Europe. At the same time the company was directly engaged in the recovery of electrophotography in Russia. It published «Digital Print Magazine» and organized local and international exhibitions and conferences. In the early 2000s Bulat Group opened two factories on manufacturing toner for a variety of printing machines. At the same time it created productions of different printing and copying consumables for popular printer and copier models. Bulat Group actively developed international cooperation with many international manufactures and research institutes.

As of today, Bulat Group’s international partners make up over 100 companies from Europe, Americas and Asia. For the past 25 years Bulat Group created unique R&D and manufacturing bases, where company’s technicians are successfully copying with technological and engineering difficulties on the everyday basis. Company’s employees perform the quality research on all products for printing and copying machines. Based on the work results of R&D and QC team, Bulat Group chooses the best available consumable products to ensure the clients’ satisfaction. Bulat Group looks to the future with confidence and continues to build up its progress on a highly professional level.



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